When «the descendants of the ships» began to mutate. Multicultural corporalities and sonorities in the argentine bicentenary (Silvia Citro)

This article analyzes the celebrations of the Argentine Bicentenary in 2010, and especially the historic-artistic parade organized by Fuerza Bruta in Buenos Aires. My hypothesis states that this parade was one of the most important performances of the Cultural Policies during the last decade to confront the traditional identitarian imaginary of White-European origin of the Argentinians, associated to elites, and legitimize a new multicultural imaginary, associated to the popular. Furthermore, I discuss the theoretical and methodological importance of analyzing music, dance and theater in order to understand the efficacy of this kind of celebrations. Therefore, I examine the ways in which these esthetic expressions bring about intense senses and emotions that operate as powerful iconic and indexical meanings among participants. In this way, the cultural meanings and values that the ritual tries to legitimize become desirable: in this case, a new imaginary about the Argentine identity, through a festive ritual of national commemoration.

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