Inhabiting Research in the Neoliberal and Eurocentral University: Collaborative Ethnography as a Bet for the Common and Political Subjectivation (Aurora Álvarez Veinguer)

In this paper, we discuss the transformations undergone by the academic institution at global and European level, arguing that contemporary University is both neoliberal and eurocentric. First, we highlight the changes that have affected research practice, conceived as an increasingly “fast”, individualist and depoliticized activity; the role (and the subjectivity) of the researcher, constantly pushed to accumulate academic merits and achieve “excellence” and “impact”; and the growing precaritization of both working and life conditions. Then, drawing on our experience of collaborative ethnography with “Stop Evictions Granada-15M” (Spain), we propose possible “lines of flight” from this situation. Based on our fieldwork, we theorize collaborative ethnography as a way to decolonize research practices. We stress its potential to produce collective knowledge and promote (re)politicization processes and claim that collaboration can help overcome the (currently hegemonic) individualistic and depoliticizing logics in Academia.

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