An anthropological reflection on the summer of 2019 and the social movement “#Rickyrenuncia” (Ricky Resign) in Puerto Rico.

The following research presents an anthropological and historical analysis based on the social movement referred to as “#Rickyrenuncia” and its most important achievements during the summer of 2019, in Puerto Rico. In 2017, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria, which was considered to be amongst the most perilous disasters experienced on the island, killing approximately 4,645 victims. Throughout the rebuilding process, the population expressed their frustrations toward the government’s response, including agencies such as FEMA and other institutions. In 2019, the local press of Puerto Rico published a private chat that involved former governor Ricardo Rosselló and his cabinet members. In this exposed chat, they mocked the victims of Hurricane Maria and other important personalities such as artists, politicians, government workers whilst utilizing the language of misogyny against the Puerto Ricans woman. After the publication of the private chat, protesters gathered within Old San Juan surrounding the governor’s official residence. After a series of resilient social manifestations demanding the resignation of the governor, some important Puerto Rican artists via Facebook and Twitter convened two important demonstrations, rallying for political alteration. This prominent event in the history of Puerto Rico is the most important social movement formed by millennials and outraged people, who achieved a new political culture based on agency against the political structure on the island.

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