Permanent transition

Migrant, artist experiences in Budapest and Barcelona The research examines the changing discourse of migrants, artists and local representatives of the art scene in  common creative processes. I examine the changings of role of the participants during  the common creative process, and the survival strategies of the artists, migrants and as a special case, migrant artists in terms of feelings of insecurity, transience, alienation, and marginality. The participatory field research and co-creative process are able to interpret the phenomenon in transformation. The applied visual methods and interviews prove to be effective in exploring latent content and reflectivity.  In our cases artists have experienced an existence outside the structured world sustained and acknowledged by the majority. The artists have developed various kinds of survival strategies in response to their experience. Some of the answers on migration experiences are based on their artistic practice and experience. There are some typical dynamics, but most artistic responses to the problem are unique mixes of an individualist standpoint and a method of adjusting or translating it to local circumstances. I aim to identify meaningful social scientific interpretations of the artists’ experiences and migration experiences to get closer to the understanding of marginality, uncertainty and possible responses to these issues. The anthropological research interprets the artists’ experiences related to migrant experiences in the context of majority-minority and migrant-local discourse.