A relevant issue about the “queering kinship” topic consists of considering the specific “reproscapes” where these processes occur. Starting from the analysis of the current Italian public discourse in the meanwhile the path of legislation about stepchild adoption is developing, we wonder what “queering kinship” means in Italy in 2016, how and by whom it is enacted.The first part of our argumentation is going to outline the theoretical setting in which reproduction through ARTs and parenting is taking place. Our position is that when reproduction is not anymore bond to the sexual intercourse but requires “mediators” in order to happen, a symbolic shift is occurring about what procreativity and kinship are, their representation and enactment. This frame is offering the theoretical background to settle the production of the public discourse about maternity and paternity as it has been developed by politicians, specialists, Catholics, feminists, LGBTQ  activists in our country.The second part of the paper shows data emerging from a research about the parenting daily practices by same sex couples. A contradictory double layered experience seems coming into light, where the discourse of the power and the daily life take shape side by side without informing each other. In such a scenario the meaning of “queering kinship” is not automatically grasped and the boundaries dominant/subjected, tradition/innovation seem blurring in a fuzzy space where novel forms of subjectivity and exchange need to be imagined.

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