Background: Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a multi-factorial disease and personality traits are important aetiological determinants Objectives: To unveil association between Type D personality and CAD and to test the validity of DS14 Scale for assessing Type D personality among North West Indians and to find association of various co-morbidities in incidence of Disease. Material and Methods: The study was conducted on 100 (50 females and 50 males) diagnosed coronary artery disease patients drawn from PGIMER, Chandigarh. Type D personality was determined with 14-item Type D Personality Scale (DS14) of Denollet (2005). Results: Stepwise discriminant function analysis revealed that two variables of Negative Affectivity (NA) and one variable of Social inhibition (SI) were significant out of 14 discriminating variables for Type D personality. No sex differences were found for Type D personality. Factor analysis extracted five major factors that explained 63.7% of the total variation for Type D personality. The Type D scale, i.e. DS14, used in this study was found a valid instrument, with high internal consistency as Cronbach’s alpha for NA was 0.815 and for SI 0.73. Higher incidence of certain co-morbities were observed in females than males: 54 % males and 64% females had diabetes mellitus II, 62% males and 70% females had hypertension, 36% males and 44% females had high cholestrolemia but sex differences were not statistic ally significant. Conclusions: Type D personality is a very strong determinant of coronary artery disease indicating that counselling and patient’s psychological care may help in better prognosis in CAD.

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