When the Borders Fall. Artworks about Migrations under the Lens of Anthropology.

The encounter between art and anthropology is recently producing a growing amount of reflections that investigate the convergence in contents, and hence potential mutual inspirations in the contents of research and in expressive forms, between the two fields (see De Cecco 2010; Schneider and Wright 2006, 2010, 2013; Lusini 2013). It is no coincidence that the contemporary artist now focuses, in a world characterized by the global circulation of people, objects, information (the different -scapes of Appadurai), on the same themes that are of traditional anthropological interest: identity and cultural diversity, memory, heritage, migration, borders, colonialism, globalization, cultural transmission and cultural change. In investigating the ways in which this is done, my choice had been to take as a reference point the theme of \'migration\', which was already the main keyword for the European project MeLa devoted to analyze new tendencies in European museus and art exhibitions. After a short introduction of the matter, my paper offers an essential review of some artists (such as Paci, Sedira, Barroso, Khalili, Lagomarsino, Simmons, Copland) who work on this topic, illustrating from time to time its specific interpretations and the forms they are expressed. Hence, these observations will be related to anthropological practices, in order to find potential inspirations for both the phases of investigation and that of results dissemination, so to (hopefully) make this last more effective beyond academic audience.

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