Lenguaje y multiculturalismo en la construccion de lo femenino: La perspectiva de Rosario Castellanos

Language and multiculturalism in the construction of the feminine: Rosario Castellanos's perspective. ABSTRACT: This article addresses the construction of the feminine through the notion of identity, carried out by the Mexican writer Rosario Castellanos (1925-1974), and how it is formed from cultural relations in the complex characters of the work entitled Balun Canaan. The presence of female characters is continuous throughout the work of Castellanos, becoming the backbone of much of her work. Her women concentrate the values that she has been given and that she has assumed through the centuries. However, her proposal is generous, she goes beyond describing painful and insoluble situations. We want to point out that she is not trying to delve into the analyzes and criticisms of the traditional discourse that have been made, where the woman finds herself imprisoned in a hostile masculinized world that she does not correspond to. The perspective supposes, in this sense, a distancing, indeed, an undoubted break with that perspective, it is even the author herself who clarifies her personal vision from that perspective. Keywords: Female, identity, culture.

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